Postdoctoral Scholar

Nicole Litwin, Ph.D., RDN, is a postdoctoral scholar in the Center for Microbiome Innovation (CMI) at UC San Diego, where she is studying the relationship between diet and the human gut microbiome. She is currently supporting the Human Diets & Microbiome Initiative. Nicole received her Ph.D. in Human Nutrition and Food Science at Colorado State University. She helped conduct clinical nutrition research investigating the effects of various dietary interventions on cardiovascular, metabolic, and gut health in humans. Nicole is a registered dietitian nutritionist, having completed her training at East Tennessee State University, where she also obtained MS and BS degrees in nutrition and food sciences.

At CMI, Nicole works with varying types of scientists to explore diet-microbiota interactions in the gut. Her goal is to apply computational methods to improve diet analysis in gut microbiome research to ultimately identify microbiota-based personalized nutrition strategies for improving human health.