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Gain actionable insights optimizing your understanding of gut health and its implications for health and wellness.

Who we are

The Microsetta Initiative (TMI) brings together a team of leading figures in the microbiome world whose cutting-edge work has earned international recognition. Our commitment to advancing gut microbiome research has established us as a reliable partner and data source in the scientific community, supporting companies and organizations utilizing microbiome research. 

What we offer

Equipping you with customizable tools, our platform leads you through the intricacies of microbiome study design, data collection, analysis, and interpretation. We recognize the need for flexibility when performing real-world application testing to evaluate efficacy within your specific area of interest and offer assistance in designing studies that precisely meet your research needs.


Solution design

Save time and resources by working with our experienced team of researchers to design a study that meets your research needs. Take advantage of our room-temperature-stable sampling kits, which can be shipped from participants directly back to our lab or shipped in bulk if used in clinical settings. Tailor data collection from your study participants by creating custom surveys.


Cohort creation

Build your study cohort strategically, ensuring that the best data collection practices support your research goals. Screen our extensive pool of existing participants to re-engage for resampling, or benefit from our assistance in recruiting new candidates matching your criteria.


Targeted cohort engagement 

Ensure that your study participants experience a streamlined process featuring interactive online surveys, user-friendly sample collection kits, and personalized microbiome and diet assessments. Our kits, which include shipping and handling, meet DOT, IATA, and IRB standards.


Qualified analysis

Capitalize on our benchmarked analysis pipelines, which integrate metagenomic sequencing data with participant nutritional and phenotypic data to explore statistically robust associations.


Analysis reporting

Receive a customized report that clearly describes and interprets the results of the cohort analysis, providing insights into your research endeavors.

Partners in microbiome discovery

Cut through the noise of gut health research. Leverage TMI’s trusted platform for rigorous science and accelerated discovery.

Together, let’s unlock the gut microbiome’s potential for human health. Fill out our contact form to arrange a conversation.