Dr. Bartko is currently an adjunct professor and professor of practice in the Bioengineering Department within the Jacobs School of Engineering. Dr. Bartko’s research focuses on microbial identification as applied to rapid microbial methods for defense, diagnostics, and quality assurance. Dr. Bartko has successfully created, commercialized, and licensed multiple inventions in the life sciences field. Since 2020, Dr. Bartko has been the Executive Director of the Center for Microbiome Innovation (CMI). In his role at CMI, he leads a matrixed research organization that develops technological solutions to applied industrial problems in the nutrition, human health, and environment fields. Dr. Bartko’s diverse background includes single-molecule spectroscopy, ultrafast electrodynamics of quantum confined nanoparticles, machine learning spectral classifiers, artificial intelligence, systems engineering, and medical device product development. Dr. Bartko’s work leverages his background in microbial sensing, process integration, and instrumentation engineering to advance the global understanding of the microbiome and metabolomic impacts on human health and wellness.