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There are 40 trillion microbial cells in our bodies. This collection of microbial cells is known as the human microbiome. With up to 1lb (0.5kgs) of them in our gut alone, we’re on a mission to make critical discoveries about their role in our lives. Based at the University of California San Diego, our scientists are recruiting people like you to help make medical breakthroughs by advancing this monumental research project.


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So why join this project?

  • Your active participation helps create new knowledge that enhances both microbiome research and education – all while learning more about what makes your microbiome unique. Learn More About Us
  • Your contributions help facilitate ground-breaking research that can one day be used to respond to our social needs and global challenges.

Ways to get involved

We are a not-for-profit organization, so contributions received via our crowdfunding platform go towards research costs. Learn more about how you can join below! Options marked (*) require monetary contributions.


Analyze Your Nutrition*

Tell us about your lifestyle and health, and get access to a Food Frequency Questionnaire. 

Detailed report includes:

  • An evaluation of your dietary patterns measuring  your overall food and nutrient intake.

Explore Your Microbiome*

Includes Analyze Your Nutrition

Receive an easy-to-use sample collection kit and access to a Food Frequency Questionnaire

Detailed reports include:

  • Microbial lineages found in the sample
  • Microbial comparison to others in the TMI dataset
  • Evaluation of your food and nutrient intake

Follow Your Gut*

Includes Analyze Your Nutrition

Ready to take your support to the next level? You can now receive four kits and follow your gut microbiome for a year!

Detailed reports x4 include:

  • Microbial lineages found in the sample
  • Microbial comparison to others in the TMI dataset
  • Evaluation of your food and nutrient intake

Contribute Your Time

Answer our free questionnaires. Sharing information about your lifestyle, diet, and health helps scientists find out more about how these factors differ among individuals, so that they can better design and analyze microbiome studies in the future.

“Microbes have implications for all different types of diseases, ranging from inflammatory bowel disease to obesity.”

– Dr. Rob Knight (Principal Investigator & Co-Founder)


Standardizing Exceptional Microbiome Research

Countries represented in The Microsetta Initiative dataset

People who have contributed to the research study

Thousands of people are currently participating in The Microsetta Initiative. The data generated has been published in over 85 scientific journals and set leading global standards in microbiome research.

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